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Licking Turkey That Much Was Useless

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In his annual press conference the Russian president Putin answered the Turkish journalist’s equivocal question as to whether there could have been a third party in downing the Russian warplane. Putin obviously tipped the hint towards the Americans, at the same time reproaching his Turkish colleagues for “licking the relevant part” of the Americans.

The Turkish prime minister reacted with neglect to Putin’s rude statement. He said that Putin’s words cannot be taken seriously.

The Turkish-Russian quarrel continues. Russia is considering applying new sanctions. For the time being, the Turks have not taken relevant steps but there is an issue on the agenda. However, neither Ankara, nor Moscow are taking serious steps, are not covering serious aspects, realizing that it may end up in a disaster for them. In addition, it will be worse for Russia, and the procrastination of this situation makes it clear for everyone that Turkey wins this dispute which has more levers and possibilities compared with Russia.

Putin’s press conference highlighted this circumstance more brightly. It was no longer the conduct of a self-confident leader.  As to Turkey, Putin was downed as much and maybe even more than the Russian warplane. Since this incident he has been talking about the betrayal of the Turks, striking from the back, about apologizing at least. It is clear that Putin has lost its only partner and hope in conducting a policy in international affairs that is more of a subject.

Putin confessed that he had been ready for more for the sake of cooperation with Turkey. There were concessions to Turkey in regard to most sensitive issues. Putin is so offended that he cannot hide his surprise and grudge for defeat. How could Turkey take such a step?

And what sensitive issues are those? No doubt, one of the sensitive issues for Turkey is the Armenian issue, and since the beginning of the Russian-Turkish relations it has been one of the means of improvement of relations between these two states.

This mechanism is best visible from the most tragic period for the Armenian people, the years 1915-1923. Then these countries, beaten in World War I and facing a collapse – went for separate agreements. Russia saved Turkey from ultimate disaster, provided troops and gold to this country, then let the Turkish side enter the territory of Soviet Armenia where the massacres of Armenians and violence continued.

Besides, the Russian government displaced about 500,000 survivors of the genocide from Armenia, exiling them to the Russian inland. Even the Armenian Bolsheviks were frightened by what happened.

Many people have realized that the current Russian policy on Armenia does not differ from the policy of those years. Russia has deprived Armenia of sovereignty and is supporting the massive emigration of its population, is arming Azerbaijan with a view to ending the balance of forces and forcing Armenians to make concessions in Artsakh. The Russian circles are not hiding that the formula “territories for Russian peacekeepers” is being discussed with Azerbaijan.

By making such concessions in terms of “sensitive issues for Turkey”, Putin does not understand why Turkey has betrayed it. Moscow and Ankara understand that they are doomed to separate cooperation and, as always, Turkey wants to approach this “historic” moment with bigger advantage and squeeze more sensitive concessions. Moscow will again be the one who will concede.

In Armenia these developments are perceived more alertly and deeply, and the reaction of the Armenian public demonstrated this. Armenia has realized that the downing of the Russian plane thwarted or rather postponed the Russian-Turkish-Azerbaijani plans.

For example, Member of Parliament Seiran Saroyan says: “Saw whom the gun shot as soon as the Russians felt it on their skin? At last the Russians understood that Turks will not make friends with them or with the Armenians.” This is a common reaction on these days, and this means that the public understands the situation well.

And this is already reassuring. The Armenians may eventually escape these historical-political pincers underlying the consciousness and worldview of the Armenians. There was a breakthrough in the early 1990s, and the result is obvious. However, many more has to happen until this awareness wins. Then they will already start licking the “corresponding parts” of the Armenians, not of each other.

The most important issue is that such awareness will not come in the result of our own losses.

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