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What's Happening in Electric Networks of Armenia?

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What's Happening in Electric Networks of Armenia?

The minister of energy Yervand Zakharyan has announced that the World Bank will lend money for 30 years which will be spent to repay the debt of electricity stations. Zakharyan did not tell the reporters about the amount of the loan but said it will allow avoiding increase of the electricity price.

The electric networks were sold to Tashir Group owned by the Russia-based Armenian billionaire Samvel Karapetyan. Later it became known that Karapetyan will come into full ownership of the networks in 2017.

The electric networks were sold in the result of Electric Yerevan movement or maybe the movement was a convenient opportunity. At least, the change of the owner was seen by the public as a prospect for ending mismanagement, increasing efficiency, hence achieving a policy of cheap electricity.

Later it turned out to be a bluff. The owner of the network and the government subsidize the increase only for consumers who use less than 250 kilowatt per month.

This is a small quantity, especially for entities, even small shops, even for some families, especially in winter. As a result, most households and companies pay an expensive price. Instead, the government and the new owner of the networks, and to some extent also Electric Yerevan got cheap advertisement.

Now it turns out that the government is going to borrow money to repay the debt of the Electric Networks to keep the price low. This is but confession that there is a new danger of raising the price. The new owner of Electric Networks does not improve management to reduce costs. Moreover, there is a risk for another increase in price which is handled by way of boosting the external debt of the country and its citizens.

On the other hand, the new owner does not have to cover the debts of the previous owner, especially when they are clearly the result of mismanagement and corruption. It is possible that the completion of the deal on the Electric Networks depends on how fast the government will repay its debts.

At the same time, it is possible that the Armenian government has political disagreement with the new owner of Electric Networks. It is beyond doubt that the networks are a political resource, an irreplaceable administrative resource, an essential component of the government’s reproduction. Hence, the owner of the networks thereby gets an important political role.

Probably, in return for resolving the puzzle of Electric Networks the new owner Samvel Karapetyan expected a nice big slice from the redistribution of 2017. In addition, this might be the reason why the deal is not complete and he is waiting until 2017 to resolve the issue of his political demands.

It is possible that this issue is not being resolved at present, other issues have occurred or the government wants more from Karapetyan or the government is not ready to allocate as much as Karapetyan wants. It is possible that Karapetyan does not want to allocate as much as he had earlier agreed on with the government. Recently Samvel Karapetyan’s wealth was said to have shrunk by 600 million dollars due to the Russian crisis. This may be reflected in his plans relating to Armenia.

Hence, a new situation is in place the expression of which is the new loan from the World Bank. The government is thereby trying to fulfill its commitment to Karapetyan or become less dependent on Karapetyan.

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