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Almost 70-80% of Electricity Meters Function to the Detriment of the People: Armen Yepremyan

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17:35 23/02/2016

Almost 70-80% of Electricity Meters Function to the Detriment of the People: Armen Yepremyan

There is a breach of time regulation in electricity meters. Today during the meeting with reporters announced a coordinator of “Out of our Pockets” initiative Armen Yepremyan.

“Knowing that after 11p.m. the electricity meters work in a regulation that the price counts 10 AMD less, so many of us use electric devices after 11p.m., but it turns out that there is something wrong with the electricity meters, as the shift to nighttime tariff takes place at 12:23 a.m.. It means that we face overspend as a result,” Mr. Yepremyan mentioned emphasizing that after discovering this infringement he applied to the ENA for performing a recount and compensating for the damage.

The Head of Board on Territorial Coordination "Kentron" Davit Ghazinyan was also present at the meeting and he didn’t deny the fact that there is a problem connected with time regulation of the electricity meters. “The Interim Rules on Electricity Supply and Use doesn’t cover the cases dealing with issues connected with breaches in time regulation so there can be performed no recount. The Interim Rules on Electricity Supply and Use Public Services was adopted by Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Armenia, so we must apply to them to find out how the relations are regulated,” noticed the ENA representative.

Mr. Ghazinyan though didn’t agree with the Yepremyan: “Anyway, while proceeding the applications the ENA tries hard to do everything for the sake of subscribers.”

Chairman of “Consumers' Association” NGO Armen Poghosyan in his turn announced that they had received a number of complaints connected with this issue and applied not only to the ENA, but also to the Regulatory Commission and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia.

“The ENA has a new administration and finding appropriate solutions to this problem must be of utmost importance to them. There are a number of troubles connected with the electricity meters and this problem is only one of them. People have serious doubts in respect of their electricity meters data. It is quite awkward to speak about such technical problems in this century,” A. Poghosyan said.

The coordinator of “Out of our Pockets” initiative also informed us that he himself performed an amateurish monitoring in almost every district of Yerevan and witnessed almost the same problem, “You can hardly find an electricity meter which time expression corresponds to the real time. Approximately 70-80 per cent of all electricity meters function to the detriment of the people. On average, there was a time distinction of an hour and 40 minutes”.

As for the steps taken for the sake of resolution to the issue, an ENA employee Davit Ghazinyan said, “Today, “ENA” CJSC definitely works in favor of the customer. Our employees are very responsive to every single call. I don’t believe this problem is an ubiquitous one”.

According to Mr. Ghazinyan, all the applications of complaint received by their helpline find their responses very quickly, “There was a complaint referring to the issue with electricity meters data, which is not corresponding to reality. There is no such a problem. Only on February we received 220 applications. 49 employees were fired within the past three months and 39 employees faced disciplinary penalties”.

At the end Mr. Ghazinyan urged people to be on the track of their expenses and to find out the exact wattage of their electric devices.

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