• 13:55 – 40,000 Left Armenia in 2017; Sarkisian Wants Them All to Come Back in 2018 
  • 13:49 – Maestro Constantine Orbelian to be Aamong Featured Artists at Isrotel International Festival of Classical Music 
  • 20:45 – We can transport cargo from Europe to Iran via Armenia, without holdup: South Caucasus Railway: 
  • 18:43 – Is it ever a good idea to let a hurler hit? 
  • 10:21 – 9 facts about Mount Teide 
  • 16:10 – Israeli Kamikaze Drone Maker Carried Out Live Demo on Armenian Army Targets, Complaint Says 

Boots on the ground

Boots on the ground

THE coalition that wages Florida’s eternal battle against mosquitoes is both fearsome and eclectic. Helicopters and fleets of trucks are used to nix larvae and kill insects on the wing; traps baited with dry ice help to monitor them. There are animate weapons, too. Flocks of sentinel chickens, on which some mosquitoes like to munch, are maintained at strategic locations. Then there are mosquitofish, bug-eyed relatives of the guppy that are deployed in barrels and fountains.

Tropical yet wealthy, Florida is “king of the hill” in the mosquito-control world, says Ron Montgomery, Hillsborough County’s veteran mosquito-buster-in-chief. His team of zappers, and those across Tampa Bay in Pinellas County, are on a new front line of the struggle against Aedes aegypti, one of the species that carries the Zika virus. Local transmission—whereby patients contract the virus in America, rather than bringing it home with them—has mostly been confined to the artsy Wynwood district of Miami and the fleshpot of Miami Beach. But one of Florida’s 46 such cases (so far) was found in Pinellas, in a woman said to have worked in Hillsborough....Continue reading скачать шаблон для dle скачать бесплатно фильмы

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