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Family Abandons Loyal Pitbull, Neighbor Steps In To Save The Day

In today’s heart wrenching news, a family from Michigan were moving their belongings to their new place and left behind some “things”.


A mattress, some trash, and oh, right, their Pitbull, Boo.

Animal Rescue Site Blog
Animal Rescue Site Blog

A neighbor was shocked to find, Boo, sleeping on a mattress outside among the other no longer wanted items.

Opposing Views
Opposing Views

Not even the Grinch has a heart that small! The current weather conditions in Michigan are freezing rain as we gear up for an arctic winter, and Boo, as loyal as any dog was simply waiting for their owners to realize what a grave mistake they had made and come back to get him.

Opposing Views
Opposing Views

As if my heart was not already broken enough, the family came back for a few things they deemed worthy enough to bring to their new home. Still left Boo behind. Luckily, there’s a hero by the name of Mike Diesel watching the whole thing go down.


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