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Someone Photoshopped Kylie Jenner’s Old Face On Her New Body And The Internet Can’t Stop

Everyone seems to love to hate on the Kardashians and Jenners… they just make it too easy. Someone took it to the next level recently when they did this hilarious Photoshop masterpiece.


As I think we all know, Kylie Jenner had some work done on her face. If this is news to you, you obviously haven’t been keeping up with your Jenner news over the years.


I mean, it’s no secret. Kylie has been pretty open about her surgeries, telling the world she has had countless Botox injections and lip injections along with what looks like a possible nose job and maybe a few other things done to her face.

Plastic Surgery Girl
Plastic Surgery Girl

That’s why this new Kylie Jenner’s Old Face is so funny to us. People are catching on to this new trend of cropping Kylie’s old face on her new body and, well, we hate to admit it, but it’s kind of hilarious.

Plastic Surgery Girl
Plastic Surgery Girl

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