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Armenia Toying with Its First Solar Car in Hopes of Manufacturing

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A prototype of the solar car being produced

A prototype of the solar car being produced

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The creation of the first solar car in Armenia is a project launched by volunteers and enthusiasts who have embarked on this venture for professional pleasure and with a dream to manufacture solar electric vehicles in Armenia.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Hayk Harutyunyan told Armenpress that this is a personal initiative, which aims at creating interest toward solar technologies, in particular, electric transport in Armenia.

“We have divided the first meeting with the interested persons in two parts: the first one is to design and build a solar car from zero, and the second one is to make any old car into a vehicle with electric motors. We want to show that the current cars can be replaced by electric motors, and later we hope that it will become a common practice in Armenia,” said Harutyunyan.

According to the official, on the other hand, the world’s leading companies engaged in production of electric cars find their main engineers and employees from the groups that are taking part in such events. Australia has been holding the Solar Challenge competition for 30 years, and all universities are actively participating in it, with each team designing its own solar car.

“We also want to create a similar vehicle here with the hope that we will create a certain interest among the specialists. They will work on this path with a dream that a production of solar electric cars will be set up in Armenia,” said the deputy minister.

Harutyunyan couldn’t pinpoint a date when the car will be in its full operational mode, since it is being produced on a volunteer basis.

In addition, financial resources will also be needed since this idea is not being implemented under any specific project.

“People are working actively with a working group being formed to move the process forward. It is completely a new field, and it’s difficult to find car designing specialists in Armenia. Certain financial resources are also needed. We will most likely apply to the private companies and donor organizations with funding requests,” he said.

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