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Signs Installed on 210 Freeway for the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial

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Young community members help unveil the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Monument sign

PASADENA—On Saturday night the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee celebrated the unveiling of freeway signs on the 210-freeway in Pasadena for the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial.

PAGMC is a non-profit that was formed to give rise to the highly moving and celebrated memorial commemorating the Armenian Genocide. Over the past several years, PAGMC has shepherded the design and construction of the memorial that sits at the North East Corner of Pasadena’s Memorial Park.

Former PAGMC Board Member, State Senator Anthony Portantino authored legislation to place freeway signs at the Fair Oaks exits of the 210 directing passersby to the Memorial. It is estimated that 300,000 cars a day will pass by the signs. Saturday night, a gathering of community members, civic leaders, clergy, scouts and students attended a solemn yet exciting ceremony to unveil the signs.

Senator Anthony Portantino addresses the gathering

Senator Anthony Portantino addresses the gathering

Working with Senator Portantino’s office Caltrans placed the signs in time for the April Genocide commemorations taking place across Los Angeles County.

“I was very pleased to have served on the PAGMC Board and to now be in a position to author legislation that placed signs on the 210 freeway. This is truly a project that humbles for all who have participated. The Armenian community has a memorial that pays respects to the descendants of the 1.5 million martyrs and non-Armenians like me can be exposed to and inspired by the history and majesty of this memorial,” commented Senator Portantino.

Board Members and Clergy helped dedicate and unveil the signs which will forever direct people to the Memorial. ANC Chairman Raffi Hamparian gave an inspiring keynote address to the crowd assembled to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the Genocide and to celebrate the sign unveiling.

“The unveiling of the freeway sign ahead of April 24 was a testament to the community support for the Pasadena Memorial. Many generous and caring people came forward to help make this memorial happen and continue to support our efforts. Thank you to Caltrans for meeting our timeline and the city of Pasadena for its continued cooperation,” added Robert Kalunian, PAGMC Board Chair.

“For Armenians – and in our case – Armenian Americans – this is also a time for a New Spring. Nor Karoun,” said Armenian National Committee of American chairman Raffi Hamparian who served as the event’s keynote speaker.

“A new spring – Nor Karoun – in which we mark history and make history. We mark history by remaining loyal sons and daughters of the martyrs of 1915. We make history by challenging denial. We mark history by resisting the Devil’s temptation to forget. We make history by uniting – especially in April – to ensure that there will always be a new Spring – in our Diaspora, in Armenia, and in Artsakh. Today – here in Pasadena – we are witnessing this new Spring,” added Hamparian.

“And among you today – there are many many Armenian Patriots who without Fanfare – without Applause – away from the hysteria of Social Media – mark history and make history for the Armenian Nation and For Your Community – 365 days a year,” expressed Hamparian.

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