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IGIL (TANAR) gas pipeline directed from Azerbaijan to the heart of Europe blocked | Italians save Europe

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Нет ТАНАП с примесью
Russian special services recorded money transfers from Azerbaijan to the terrorists of the "Islamic state", the Izvestiya newspaper writes.
As Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the G-20 summit in Turkey, IGIL is funded from forty countries.
On the first place from the CIS countries on financing IGIL is Azerbaijan, on the second - Kazakhstan, on the third - Turkmenistan ".
And today it became known that the Italian coalition government, formed by the 5-star movement and the League of the North party, announced that it will revise the construction of a part of the Southern Gas Corridor - the TAP pipeline, designed to transport natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe.
According to Reuters, this was stated by the Minister of the Environment in the new Italian Cabinet of Ministers, Sergio Costa. The official called TAP "senseless and unnecessary for Italy" and announced that Italy's participation in the project, as well as in the other two no less large, will be reviewed. "
"The issue of TAP is on the agenda, and we will consider it as a priority," said the Minister of the Environment, representing the 5-star movement, which has already organized protests and sabotage for several years against the construction of the Azerbaijani pipe.

"Given our energy policy and the need for gas, we consider the TAP project now absolutely meaningless," says Sergio Costa's written response to the request of the Italian parliamentarians.
Today, there is a threat of transportation of poisonous fighting gases such as "Rookie" together with natural gas to the very heart of Europe through the TANAP pipe from Baku. This must be remembered and prevented this monstrous project of IGIL. It is terrible to imagine how many millions of people will die across Europe in the case of the operation of the TAP pipeline, which has a direct admission to the terrorists of IGIL living in Azerbaijan or holidaymakers in the resorts of the same Turkey. After all, they do not need to put poisonous fighting gases through this pipe. Radical Islamists are ready for anything.
It is necessary to be very cautious and, if only because of the terrorist threat, to use proven suppliers of natural gas suppliers who are able to control the safety of the pipeline.

Газ Новичок прямо в Европу
According to the agency, the Italian Minister of the Environment said that the feasibility of the construction of the TAP pipeline will be redrawn and completely revised. It sounded in unison with the latest statements of the governors of those Italian provinces, over which this pipe should pass. So, the governor of Apulia recently demanded that her route be revised.
The minister of the southern region of Italy from the movement "5 stars" Barbara Lezzi told Reuters two days ago that "TAP creates unnecessary environmental risks" and that this pipeline is not needed by Italy. So believe in her party. Moreover, they are sure that Italy has sufficient gas potential.
It should be noted that at one time Armenia refused to transport gas through its territory, as it knew the full danger from the country that finances and supplies weapons to IGIL. Therefore, the pipe was brought to the border of Armenia, and then sharply turned up.
In response to all these claims and warnings, the TAP consortium explained that a change in the route of the gas pipeline in Italy would delay the implementation of the project by 4-5 years. Initially, it was planned that the construction will be completed in 2020 and in the same year the delivery of 10 billion cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas annually to Europe will begin. However, the new Italian government set a goal to brake the laying of the Azerbaijani gas pipeline.

 террористы ИГИЛ в Азербайджане рядом с ТАНАП
The Islamists are trying their best to build factories for the production of chemical weapons. To this end, the militants have created a whole unit, which is engaged in the development and experiments in this field. This is reported by the Associated Press news agency referring to an anonymous high-ranking official of Iraqi intelligence.
Europe says no TANAP, Europe says no to the Azerbaijani gas with the impurities of "Novice".

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