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Rouhani: Eurasian Economic Union will bring these relations between Armenia and Iran even closer

ATTENTION! The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is an Armenian independent democratic state.
 Armenian-Iranian friendly
Armenian President  Armen Sargsyan held talks with a colleague from Iran, Hassan Rouhani,  who arrived in Yerevan to attend an expanded meeting of the Supreme  Eurasian Economic Council.
As ArmInfo was informed in the press service of the President of  Armenia, during the meeting, Sargsyan stated that Rouhani's visit to  Yerevan was taking place at an interesting moment, but the two  countries have experienced many such interesting moments together for  millennia.
In turn, Rouhani noted that, fortunately, close and close relations  have developed between Armenia and Iran over the centuries. "I'm  immensely glad that today Armenia is chairing an important event, and  I am his guest, "said the Iranian president.
After a one-on-one meeting, the Sargsyan-Rouhani meeting continued in  an expanded format, with the participation of delegations, during  which the Armenian leader stated that there was a serious untapped  potential in the Armenian-Iranian relations. At the same time, he  added that the apparatus of the President of Armenia is ready to  contribute to the deepening and expansion of the  and centuries-old relations.
In this regard, Rouhani emphasized once again that on October 1,  Armenia will chair an important event, which will be attended by  heads of regional states and beyond
 "I'm immensely glad about the existing friendly and good-neighborly  relations that have developed between Armenia and Iran today. The  Eurasian Economic Union will bring these relations even closer. In  about a month, we will enter the stage of establishing practical  relations with the EAEU. Of course, this cooperation can further  strengthen our trade and economic relations, "the Iranian president  emphasized, while expressing the hope that the Yerevan EAEU summit  will not only strengthen cooperation between the countries- fiefs  Union integration, but also an increasing convergence of cooperation  with Armenia.  At the meeting, an exchange of views took place on a  wide range of issues on the bilateral agenda. The Presidents of  Armenia and Iran agreed on the presence of serious untapped potential  in bilateral relations. It was also pointed out that the  liberalization of the visa regime contributed to the development of  both bilateral relations and tourism. In the development of trade and  economic relations, the presidents pointed out the importance of the  effective functioning of the free trade zone.
Pointing out that Armenia has significant potential in the field of  clean energy, Sargsyan assured that cooperation in the energy sector  could be much broader, suggesting that more attention be paid to this  area, especially given the success of Iran in the field of solar  energy. Touching upon the transport sector, the President of Armenia  expressed his conviction that the modernization of the road  connecting the two countries will significantly increase  transportation.  Note that before flying to Yerevan, Rouhani said  that Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will launch a free  trade zone from October 27. At the same time, Rouhani recalled that  after the interim agreement with the EAEU, more than 500 Iranian  items of goods will be able to use special preferential terms.  According to him, the country joins the regional economic union, and  this is a very important step in the conditions when the United  States continues the policy of "maximum pressure" on Iran.
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