• 19:23 – Azeri POW says didn't know most of his unit when attacking Karabakh 
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  • 22:50 – Armenian culture, fine cuisine and fascinating history | Yerevan 
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WAR IN REPUBLIC OF ARTSAKH | 14-10-2020 | Daily News

ATTENTION! The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is an Armenian independent democratic state.

[14.10.20 09:43]
At night the situation at the Artsakh – Azerbaijan conflict zone was relatively stable tense. Mutual fire of different intensity was maintained in separate directions.
In the morning in southern, south – eastern, northern and north – eastern directions the advisory, violating the humanitarian ceasefire, resumed artillery – rocket shelling, the fires is especially intensive in the south – eastern, southern and south – eastern parts.
Units of the Defence Army undertake proportionate measures along the entire frontline in order to suspends the adversary’s offensive activities, continuing to confidently carry out the sacred mission of defending the borders of the Motherland. [Artsakh Defence Army]
[14.10.20 09:59]

The Armenian community of France organized a large rally in Paris in the adjacent area of the National Assembly with demand to recognize the independence of Artsakh. Among participants were Charles Aznavuour’s son Nicolas with his wife, Advisor to the President of the Football Federation of Armenia Denis Jorkaeff, and French MP Valérie Boyer.
[14.10.20 10:05]
 (https://joebiden.com/2020/10/13/nagorno-karabakh-statement-by-vice-president-joe-biden/#)I am deeply concerned by the collapse of the October 10 ceasefire and the resumption of fighting in and around Nagorno-Karabakh. Drones, mortars and long-range artillery are claiming hundreds of lives on both sides of the line of contact and displacing thousands of civilians.
Inexplicably, the Trump Administration has been largely passive, and disengaged, throughout this recent period of escalation. Since the outbreak of hostilities on September 27, neither President Trump nor Secretary of State Pompeo has placed a single phone call to the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, even as the region goes up in flames. Rather than delegating the diplomacy to Moscow, the administration must get more involved, at the highest levels, by working with our European partners to de-escalate the fighting and return the two sides to negotiations.
The Trump Administration must tell Azerbaijan that it will not tolerate its efforts to impose a military solution to this conflict. It must make clear to Armenia that regions surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh cannot be occupied indefinitely and that credible negotiations on a lasting resolution of the conflict must commence immediately once a ceasefire is concluded. Finally, it must stop coddling Ankara and tell both Turkey and Iran to stay out of this conflict. Turkey’s provision of arms to Azerbaijan and bellicose rhetoric encouraging a military solution are irresponsible. A diplomatic resolution will not be easy to achieve, but the Trump Administration has an obligation to try. It should do so urgently before more lives are lost and the conflict expands.
[14.10.20 10:30]
Starting from morning of the October 10 large – scale military actions have been resumed. A 200-member subversive-intelligence group attempted to infiltrate into the city of Hadrut, large forces had been put forward, they tried to achieve some results. The shelling continued till Saturday morning, throughout Sunday, there were strikes during the whole Monday as well. And during this whole period the shelling in the direction of cities, and, especially, capital Stepanakert, has been continuing. [RA FM Zohrab Mnatsakanyan during the interview with RBC]
[14.10.20 10:58]
Statement of the RA MoD
On October 14, the Azerbaijani armed force has targeted the military equipment on combat alert in the territory of the Republic of Armenia adjacent to the border with Qaravachar.
The attack was carried out based on the mere assumption that the subject equipment was allegedly going to strike at Azerbaijan’s civilian settlements. It goes without question that this allegation is devoid of any basis. In actuality, the politico-military leadership of that country avails itself the right to target military equipment on combat duty in the territory of Armenia on sheer assumptions only. Once again reiterating that this far not a single missile, shell or projectile has been fired in the direction of Azerbaijan, we concurrently state that within the same logic the Armenian Armed Forces henceforth preserve the right to target any military installations and combat movements in the territory of Azerbaijan.
The whole responsibility for altering the zone and logic of military operations lies with the politico-military leadership of Azerbaijan. Fortunately, no killed or wounded are reported.
[14.10.20 11:02]
Air defense units of the Artsakh Defense Army shot down an Azerbaijani Su-25 ground-attack aircraft. [Shushan Stepanyan, RA MoD Spokesperson]
[14.10.20 11:06]
Hundreds of fighters from Syrian militias allied with Turkey have joined the fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, and hundreds more are preparing to go, according to two Syrians involved in the effort.
A Syrian rebel involved in deployments said fighters had been traveling there since mid-September—before the latest round of clashes—in groups of up to 100 at a time. Another Syrian with ties to the rebel groups also estimated hundreds had gone. Dozens have also returned, alarmed by the fierce fighting, that person said.
Turkey has enlisted Syrian fighters to advance its foreign-policy objectives before. Earlier this year, Ankara sent about 5,000 Syrian fighters to support the internationally recognized government in Libya’s civil war, according to a June report released by the U.S. Defense Department. |The Wall Street Journal (https://www.wsj.com/articles/turkish-backed-syrian-fighters-join-armenian-azeri-conflict-11602625885)|
[14.10.20 11:08]

Since the last update the new losses are: 3 UAVs, 20 armored vehicles, 1 plane, 350 casualties. [Armenian Unified Infocentre]
[14.10.20 11:11]
‼️Coronavirus update. On October 14 as of 11:00 in Armenia registered:
✅Confirmed cases in total – 58 624 (+1 058) (36.7%)
✅Recovered – 46 713 (+395)
✅Active cases – 10 561
✅Total tests – 332 154 (2 877)
✅Deaths – 1 039 (+7)
✅ Deaths, caused by other reasons – 311 (+3) [Ministry of Health]
[14.10.20 11:36]
RF Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu held a telephone conversation with MoDs of Armenia and Azerbaijan David Tonoyan and Zakir Hasanov. During the talk Minister Shoigu called upon the colleagues for the full implementation of the agreements reached in Moscow.
[14.10.20 11:41]
[ Альбом ]
Artsakh Defence Army artillerymen.
[14.10.20 12:10]
Azerbaijani financial losses as of 14.10.2020

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