• 19:22 – Congressman condemns Erdogan’s statement on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day 
  • 16:25 – Government approves Armenia’s Business Environment Improvement Process for 2019 
  • 20:30 – Narine Arakelian will Headline Armenia Pavilion at Venice Biennale 
  • 21:17 – First Holiday Inn Express Hotel Opens in Armenia 
  • 15:23 – Dassault systemes interested in exploring the educational system of Armenia 

The State Emblem of the NKR

  • 28 Mar, 22:11
 The State Emblem of the NKR

 The State Emblem of the NKR

The State Emblem of the NKR depicts an eagle with extended wings below the parting rays of the sun and the crown of Artashesids dynasty. In the centre against a background of the National Flag of the NKR and mountain Kirs, a picture of the sculpture"We and our Mountains" is portrayed. Below, in the claws of the eagle there are bunch of grapes, mulberries, and ears of wheat. In the upper semicircle there is an Armenian inscription: "The Nagorno- Karabakh Republic-- Artsakh.
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